We the People of Philadelphia, in order to form a more perfect community, do ordain and establish this the constitution of Phreak N Queer Arts & Music Festival!

Article I Section 1: We believe in the inherently political nature of art, music and performance as powerful social and cultural change agents.

Section 2:  We believe in the strength and resiliency of queer, transgender and ally communities and aim to highlight the efforts of these artists.

Section 3:  We believe in paying homage to the fierce history and legacy that Philadelphia queer and transgender pioneers forged so that we could organize proudly today.

Section 4:  We believe in showcasing the voices of underground, marginalized, oppressed and radical artists as a way to challenge ideas, politics and boundaries and open up communication where differences and silence previously existed.

Article II Section 1:  Phreak N Queer is a product of many identities, experiences and communities.  We believe in the beauty that lies within intersecting identities and strongly encourages dialogue, cooperation and community building/bridging using art and music as a channel for communication.

Section 2:  Phreak N Queer operates under the DIY/indie initiative and will work to create spaces free from alienation and ostracism and will highlight queer and transgender artists with messages relevant to our mission and community.

Section 3:  Phreak N Queer is volunteer run and all profits from events will go directly to performing artists and supporting the festival.


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